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Basics of Animation Course: 

Bringing Drawings to Life

From structure to conceptual design to movement of drawings and graphics, this course will explore the fundamental skills necessary for any young artist, animator, or game concept designer. With pencils, paper, The Blender animation platform and plenty of imagination, students will learn how to bring an idea to life.  Animators are sometimes called “actors with a pencil”  with that in mind, students will be encouraged to tap into their creative instincts to write, create, and direct an animated short!  In designing their characters and worlds, these young directors will also learn how to be aware of forces acting upon objects, how to render lines of action, and start to think in a three-dimensional way.  From animation principles such as persistence of vision, walk-cycles, and physics – to film basics including scene-blocking and editing basics – we will try to cover as many topics as possible to give students a grounding in design, film, and animation.

Animation buildout

Animation buildout

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