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Shopon Hossin
Apr 06, 2022
This offers a really important lesson; it is a relevant experience in the history of social democracy. That could be my most important message: that when the left has power and rules, it is necessary to use that power to democratize property Whatsapp Mobile Number List and to strip the capitalist class of as much coercive power as possible: it is not just about redistribution, but about predistribute and change patterns of ownership and demand. In short, to decommodify. Yes, there were some people in the social democratic movements of that time who recognized this; Rudolf Meidner is one of them. In fact, the Whatsapp Mobile Number List plan put forward by the Confederation of Danish Trade Unions, called “economic democracy” or Økonomisk Demokrati , was even more radical than the Meidner Plan: it gave more power to the workers. If the plan had been implemented, the Whatsapp Mobile Number List been majority owners of all the major companies in Denmark by 1995. It was a radical plan, but it did not succeed like in Sweden, where they had the strength to carry out the proposal. And that was partly because the Danish revolutionary left at the time was highly critical of the plan. I feel that this was not the moment that makes me the most proud of my sector of the left. This period and that history remain crucial and fascinating. There are so many parallels, like the ones you mentioned, from that critical moment: in the British context, figures like Tony Benn are working around "alternative economic Whatsapp Mobile Number List strategies", a very rich way of thinking that seeks to answer these questions: how is the economy democratized ? And how to change the structure of British capitalism when it is in a moment of stagnation? In retrospect, it seems that these were the options: either take the path of democratization or take the liberal path. And you know which way we go.
Shopon Hossin

Shopon Hossin

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